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ELTEM-TEK Energy Academy

Remaining abreast of sectoral developments and technological advancement in the world, mission in Turkey's energy history that we embraced, our principle to develop practice areas have enriched our intellectual accumulation. With the purpose of sharing our extensive knowledge and experience and contribute to sectoral development ELTEM-TEK Energy Academy has been founded. ELTEM-TEK Energy Academy organizes training on such important and developing topics as energy production, energy transmission, energy distribution, not least on such contemporary topics as renewable energy. Training courses include contemporary and efficiency-increasing content on theoretical knowledge as well as on practices. Training personnel include experienced experts, including those representing ELTEM-TEK, who have been involved in the leading companies in the sector and public institutions.



TÜV AUSTRIA ELTEM-TEK ENERGY JOINT STOCK COMPANY has been established by the merger of TÜV Austria Turk, which is a certification and accreditation, inspection and monitoring company, and ELTEM-TEK in order to join their capabilities in the sector. Among the purposes behind this merger are engaging in activities of testing, inspection and monitoring in the field of electrical energy, to provide facilities and equipment accreditation services in accordance with legislation requirements and national and international accreditation authorities, to pursue expert activities and to give training in the above-mentioned fields. All services are provided in conformity to national and international standards.