Visionary Projects



The purpose is to obtain images and videos of all electric power transmission lines, inventories (poles, insulators, traverses, and so on) and transformer centers with the use of aircrafts (drone, unmanned aerial vehicles, gyrocopter, helicopter, and so on) to interpret these images and videos with the aid of artificial intelligence to detect any existing or potential malfunctions and simultaneously notify concerned operational units via the Transmission System Company integration.

Malfunction Detection Photography Processing Screen

The AMDS ensures the early detection of potential malfunctions and immediate maintenance in critical locations, thus minimizing electric power line interruptions. We can therefore guarantee our citizens and government the minimization of tangible and or intangible damages caused by power outages.

The AMDS processes high-definition (HD) images and videos on the basis of electric power network components in accordance with the GPS data to detect malfunctions in the relevant components. It simultaneously reports these malfunctions over the Transmission System Company integration to facilitate an immediate intervention and relays a work order to the Transmission System Company field teams. We have utilized various technologies, methods and concepts, such as Big Data, Image Processing, Data Analysis, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Web Application, and so on, to develop this system.