polıcıes and certıfıcates

Policies and Certificates

Human Resources Management

We believe that continuity in personnel which is efficient, well-educated, experienced and compliant with corporate culture plays a crucial role for ELTEM-TEK in the way of realizing its strategic goals. We follow a human resources policy aimed at optimizing the above-mentioned factors and creating favourable conditions. Our personnel is our biggest asset. Owing to this, we provide a positive and reliable working atmosphere, support them actively in their personal and professional development. Within the framework of our human resources management approach, we conform to international and local workforce regulations, fair employment practices. With our Equal Opportunities Policy without any discrimination, we provide, to every member of our personnel, career opportunities as well as a change to participate in the management. We assign the best personnel to the positions requiring the best qualifications such as knowledge, personal qualities, skills and talents and motivate them to maintain their achievements in the organization.

Safety and Health

We are aware that life safety of our personnel depends on safety measures precluding any risk or occurence posing threat to our personnel's lives. With a proactive approach we conform in the best way to regulations and laws in force, universal health and safety policies and develop our own safety standards. We are adamant to increase our safety and health performance. Our vital goal is to ensure our every personnel after working day returns home safe and secure. To this end besides safety measures taken we provide training to our personnel and everyone involved in the projects under our responsibility in order to teach them how to notice and see threats and to manage risk levels involved.


We are aware that people, public and private enterprises bear responsibility towards sustainable resources of environment in their deeds and acts. Guided by such an awareness, we are devoted to ensuring environmental protection beyond being merely sensitive to environment. As regards our projects, environment management has gone well beyond being merely a company policy. Our services of Environmental Impact Assessment, within our corporate integrity, has become one of our most successful fields of our activity. Our environment management approach and our Environmental Impact Assessment Reports underscore and fully testify to our attachment to environment, national and societal responsibility we bear.


Quality is an integral inseparable part of our work in all respects. While meeting our customers' expectations and needs at the highest level with the highest quality in all projects assigned to us we set a pivotal goal of ensuring an utmost customer satisfaction. We comply with all regulations, acts and standards. We are sensitive towards environment, pay attention to timing, cost control, workers' safety and work safety in each project and thus we create satisfying assets. Besides our goods and services of high quality, a respectful and scrupulous congruence that our personnel, shareholders and suppliers show with respect to our quality policy is a key to our collective institional success. We express our deep gratitude to them for their continuous input and contributions to our success.

In our company we apply Quality Management System, Environment Management System, Customer Satisfaction Management System, OHSAS Labour Health and Safety Management System. Our quality certificates are: