Declaration of Impartiality

ELTEMTEK declares that it will conduct all inspection services in compliance with the TS EN ISO/IEC 17020 standards and with other standards, norms and specified accreditation systems effective on the services provided, that it will assume all responsibility in the inspection services, and that it will not compromise on this service approach. ELTEMTEK promises that inspection works will be undertaken to meet the needs of customers, legal authorities or institutions in compliance with competency, impartiality, independence and integrity principles,

That ELTEMTEK Inspection System administrators and personnel are kept away from all administrative, commercial, financial and technical internal and external pressures and influences to ensure they will not engage in any activities that could compromise the inspection services, That all inspection personnel are on fixed salaries and that their payments are not related to the number or results of inspections,

That inspection procedures are conducted in such a manner that persons or organizations outside of ELTEMTEK cannot interfere with inspection results and that it is under ELTEMTEK’s responsibility to procure all necessary financial, technological and human resources,

That confidential information, reports, test and calibration results and copyrights of customers will be protected, That any information obtained on the National Address Database will not be transferred to third parties and compliance with the ministry database will be upheld, That any unreliable conduct by the personnel will be prevented, and That ELTEMTEK is not the designer, producer, procurer, installer, buyer, owner, user or maintainer of the objects of its inspection, ensuring it complies with the minimum criteria of the Type C Inspection Body defined in Annex A of the TS EN ISO/IEC 17020.