Strategic Targets

Strategic Objectives
Goal 1. Improve Corporate Capabilities
•    Ensure internal audit system efficiency
•    Build an organizational memory and use it effectively
•    Improve stakeholder satisfaction
•    Improve project management performance
•    Effectively manage the supply chain system 
•    Effectively use management systems (quality, environment, OHS) efficiently
•    Improve legal performance
•    Efficiently manage bid and award process
•    Improve the physical working environment
Goal 2. Improve the Company’s Position in the Industry and Bolster Corporate Image
•    Improve corporate reputation
•    Complete the corporate identity development process
•    Improve brand recognition and expand media exposure
Goal 3. Sustainably Improve Financial Structure
•    Establish effective budget management and reporting
•    Develop and implement an efficient financing system
•    Improve profitability
•    Ensure efficient use of resources (reduce costs and increase operational efficiency)
•    Improve cash flow
Goal 4. Develop New Business Areas
•    Provide management consulting services
•    Provide innovative training services
•    Expand into natural gas
•    Serve the energy industry by a knowledgeable IT workforce
•    Participate in a landmark project
•    Invest in new technologies
•    Expand into inspection and testing services
Goal 5. Promote Innovation and Growth in Existing Business Areas
•    Core strategy: sustainably increase the business volume with the Turkish Electricity Transmission Corporation (TEIAS)
•    Increase the business volume while also increasing the number of the distribution companies served
•    Core strategy: achieve growth in renewable energy resources area (YEKA) and licensed renewable energy projects
•    Participate in more Geographic Information System (GIS) projects
•    Expand client and project portfolio in production facility investment advisory and consulting services
•    Increase private sector share of total sales
Goal 6. Provide a Skilled Workforce to the Industry and Adopt/Adapt Strategic HR Practices
•    Improve employee engagement
•    Improve employee satisfaction
•    Improve and expand training
•    Implement and maintain an effective performance management system
•    Develop an effective career management system
•    Develop an effective suggestion and reward system
•    Improve internal communication
•    Employ qualified employees
Goal 7. Improve Marketing and Build a Customer Relations Management System
•    Ensure effective marketing management
•    Build and deploy a customer relations management system