•   We Deliver A Comprehensive Package Of  
      Engineering And Consultancy Services Ranging  
      From The Smallest And The Most Detailed To The Largest Electrical Projects   
  •   We Develop Projects Meeting  
      All Needs For  
      Energy Transmission Line Projects  
  •   Our Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Competence Certificate
      Allows Us To Prepare Environmental Impact Assessment Reports And   
       To Provide Consultancy Services Related   
      With Environmental Issues With Our Experienced Personnel   
  •   We develop projects meeting  
      all needs for substations  

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    Renewable Energy

    Our love and responsibility towards our country and the world made us an ambitious collaborator in the field of renewable energy production.


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    To gather the most reliable data on the terrain, we use LIDAR system which allows us to ensure our customers gain time and cost-related advantages.


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    we are 30!

    We produce efficient and productive projects on power plants, substations and transmission lines. Our development story is a story of nation-wide pride.