Transmission Services

Engineering and Project Services for Electric-Powered Transmission Lines

  • Line characteristic and connection point analysis
  • Optimal route selection and analysis to set the basis for implementation
  • Company opinion provision and approval on ETL route
  • ETL route detailed measurements (LIDAR/Terrestrial)
  • ETL Project Design (distribution study on PLS-CADD software)
  • Obtaining the ETL Decision Relating to Public Interest
  • Offering ready-to-implement design package
  • Preparation of an Exploration in compliance with the Turkish Electricity Transmission Corporation (TEIAS) technical specifications and the tender
  • TEIAS-approved 3D pole design and technical analysis


Electric Power Transmission Lines Route Measurement Works

  • ETL route detailed measurements (LIDAR/Terrestrial)


Strip Mapping of Transmission Facilities

  • Electric Power Transmission Systems (Current Electric Power, Natural Gas Transmission Facilities, and so on) Mapping (LIDAR/ Terrestrial GPS)


Consultancy Services

  • Project Cost Analysis
  • Preparation of Transmission Line Installation Tender Documents
  • Control, Supervision and Employer Reporting of Work Program
  • Inspection and Employer Reporting of Technical Specifications Compliance of Work


Services for Electric Power Production Plants and Industrial Plants

  • Design and Engineering Services
  • Preparation of Electrical, Mechanical and Construction Implementation
  • Projects
  • Production Performance Evaluation
  • Design and Engineering Services
  • Project and Calculation
  • Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA) License Consultancy
  • Preparation of The Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources “Preliminary
  • Project” and “Final Project”
  • Field Consultancy and Employer Engineering
  • Preparation of the Financial and Technical Feasibility Report
  • Network Analysis
  • Preparation of Technical Specifications
  • Procedure Consultancy Services
  • Testing and Activating Primary and Secondary Equipment
  • Relay Coordination and Selective Calculation
  • Grounding and Motor Testing
  • Instrument Testing and Calibration
  • Procedure Consultancy for Non-Licensed Production Plants


Aerial Inspection and Reporting of Production Plants



Engineering and Project Services for Transformation Centers


  • Connection Opinion, Connection Agreement, System Use Agreement Consultancy Services
  • 380/154/36 kW Transformer Center Primary Project Services
  • 380/154/36 kW Transformer Center Secondary Project Services
  • 380/154/36 kW Transformer Center Construction Project Services
  • 36 kW Auto-Producer Project Services
  • Transformer Center Location Selection Services
  • Field Consultancy
  • Short Circuit, Relay Coordination and Load Flow Analysis Calculations
  • Technical and Installation Specifications
  • Preparation of Survey Lists for the Proposal
  • Specific Transformer Center Design
  • Transformer Centers Fire Consultancy Services


Operation, Maintenance and Reporting Services for Transformer Centers

  • Switchyard Testing and Activating Supervision Services
  • Aerial Inspection and Reporting of Transmission Facilities
  • Aerial Inspection and Route Analysis of Transmission Facilities
  • Detection and Registration of Existing or Potential Malfunctions in Transmission Facilities Using
  • Electro-Optical Equipment
  • Reporting in the Format and Periods Indicated by the Relevant Authorities
  • Logging Malfunction Registries to Operational Management Systems Basis to Asset Management