Mapping and Environment Services



Mapping Services

  • Electric Power Transmission Lines Expropriation Projects
  • Expropriation Services for Public and Private Companies’ Investment Projects
  • Basemapping with Photogrammetry (Drone)
  • Strip Mapping
  • 3D Modelling with Terrestrial Photogrammetry
  • Mapping Activities in Construction and Mining Sites


Electric Power Transmission Lines Expropriation Projects
Expropriation Services for Public and Private Companies’ Investment Projects

If it is required for the installation of necessary facilities, for the execution of public services or for public interest, we undertake the preparation of expropriation plans, forest use permit files and zoning plan modifications concerning immovable in the property of natural, legal or private persons.


Basemapping with Photogrammetry (Drone)

A particularly significant platform in photogrammetry, drones are highlighted alternatives to traditional methods with speed, time and cost advantages. We offer high spatial and temporal definition orthophotograph and basemapping services using drones.


Strip Mapping

Long, narrow maps produced by terrestrial and aerial measurements following the project line to establish the basis for road, canal, tunnel or electric power transmission lines projects.


3D Modelling with Terrestrial Photogrammetry

Data obtained through cameras of known calibration values and geodesic measurement tools are processed using photogrammetry valuation software to produce the project.


Mapping Activities in Construction and Mining Sites

The necessary volume calculations, basemap and deformation calculations necessary for mining and quarries, highways, railways and other construction projects are provided.





Environmental Impact Assessment Services

We implement the environmental impact assessment process
to determine the social, economic and environmental impact of projected investment projects and to minimize any potential impacts. To this end, ELTEMTEK holds an environmental impact assessment (EIA) competency certificate with competency number 17, which enables management of the EIA process. Drawing from our 15 years of experience, we conduct environmental impact assessment studies and, throughout these years, we have concluded the environmental impact assessment of almost 100 projects, primarily for the energy industry and issued EIA decisions.


EIA Monitoring and Reporting

EIA Positive projects must be regularly monitored and the findings must be reported to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. Our company undertakes these EIA follow-up activities. Expert teams are responsible for the monitoring activities.


Environmental Consultancy Services

We provide environmental consultancy services to ensure enterprises fulfill their obligations accurately, completely and timely within the scope of the Turkish environmental legislation. The third party inspection system monitors the environmental impacts of projects or activities live for each project.


Zero Waste Consultancy

Turkey established the zero waste system in 2018 and integration efforts have become rapidly widespread. Our consultancy services aim to fulfill the project implementation terms and install the zero waste management system.


Social Impact Assessment Studies

In addition to the environmental impact assessment on potential investment projects in Turkey, we also formulate a social impact assessment report to assess the social impact in the immediate surroundings of the activity.


Preparation of Environmental Plans and Waste Management Plans

To achieve efficient waste management, the waste management plan must be tailored to the enterprise. Tailored preparation of waste management plans reduces waste disposal costs. As your solution partners, we utilize our expert personnel and experience to formulate the most efficient waste management system.


Forest Rehabilitation Plans and Renaturation Projects

We undertake the preparation of renaturation projects.


Noise and Air Quality Modelling

We use the internationally acclaimed AERMOD software to create air quality distribution models.