The Inspection and Determination Services for Natural Gas Sector

ELTEMTEK carries out the project design, infrastructure, station, and shipment control center controls of natural gas distribution companies with the authorization obtained from EMRA. The determination and inspection activities of the companies operating in the natural gas sector are carried out by the personnel assigned by the Energy Market Regulatory Authority. Neutral service is provided in the preparation of inspection and detection activities and audit reports. It is determined and inspected with the principles of honesty and impartiality. Investigations and determination activities are carried out transparently and meticulously at every stage of the works.

The areas of the authorisation are:

1. All of the design and planning of the natural gas distribution network.

2. The construction, NDT control, testing and commissioning of the natural gas steel and PE pipelines.

3. The design, construction, testing and commissioning of A and B type Reducing and Metering Stations.

4. The production and control standards of base map, expro¬priation, infrastructure information systems and

GIS applications.

5. Service line and service regulator installations.

6. Cathodic protection and SCADA applications.

7. The inspection and determination activities of the Shipment Control Centres

8. Tariffs