Distribution Services

  • Modelling, Analysis and Design of Electric Power Systems
    • Static Analysis: Load flow, constraint, short-circuit studies
    •  Semi Dynamic Analysis: Load flow analysis based on load profiles/measurements, network technical loss calculations
    • Relay Coordination and Configuration Works
    • Engineering Development Training
  • Technical Feasibility/Network Impact/Power Increase-Decrease Studies for Production and Consumption Plants
  • Preparation of Master Plan for Electric Power Transmission and Distribution Networks
  • CAPEX and OPEX Calculation, Efficiency Studies
  • Preparation of Master Project for Distribution Networks
  • Electric Power Transmission Lines (ETL) Installation Project Services
  • City Network Installation Project Services
  • Limited Budget and Cost/Benefit-Based Investment Prioritization Works
  • Estimation of the Consumption/Supply/Number of Subscribers on a Regional Basis and the Econometric Modelling of Transmission and Distribution Networks