Eltemtek is accepted to Cigre D2.52 WG D2.52, “Artificial Intelligence Application and Technology in Power Industry” as a full member.

Cigre which was established in 1921, is a high-level technical discussion platform that enables to share knowledge and experience between international producers, users, academics and experts and to develop standards. Cigre’s mission is to gather experts from all around the world that providing information sharing and increasing cooperation in the developing power systems.

Accordingly, Talya Tümer is accepted from a group of approximately 200 candidates as a full member representing Eltemtek and Turkey in 2020 working group D2.52 (Information System and Telecommunication), “Artificial Intelligence Application and Technology in Power Industry”.

We congratulate our colleague who will participate for the first time from Turkey to D2 working group. Moreover, we present our most sincere thanks to Mr. Ömer DEMİRHAN, our Chairman of the board who supported us in this process, Mr. Şerif OKLUOĞLU, our general manager and Cigre executive committee of Turkey.


In his statement on the subject, ELTEMTEK General Manager Şerif OKLUOĞLU said:


ELTEMTEK has been gaining national and international experience in energy sector since 1983 and is taking steps towards its goals with its mission and vision. While taking these steps, ELTEMTEK is an organization that chooses young and qualified personnel within the framework of its strategic goals.

ELTEMTEK uses its 37 years of engineering experience to identify needs of the energy sector and has been staying close to developments in energy sector especially after 2016.

In order to keep pace with the technological developments of the energy sector, ELTEMTEK has been producing projects that will be pioneer to digitalization sector of which most of them are completed.

In this scope, our company was accepted to CIGRE working group D2.52 “Artificial Intelligence Application and Technology in Power Industry” which is on international scale first acceptance in Turkey. Talya TÜMER, who is working our research and development department, was selected as full member to CIGRE D2.52 platform that leads the international energy sector. I thank to our friend Talya TÜMER who proud us and I wish more success in her future career. Also, I present my thanks to Mr. Ömer DEMİRHAN, our Chairman of board, who gives us full support in our working environment and to our board members.

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