As the ELTEMTEK family, it acts on the principle of developing new business areas, which is one of our strategic goals. Authorisation was given to ELTEMTEK following the assessment made by the Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA) on 30.04.2020, numbered 9327/3 – which had made an application and deemed to carry the necessary competences in accord¬ance with the resolution of the Board concerning “The announcement of the Authorisation of the Companies from which Services will be Acquired, for the determination of the fulfilment of the 5 year investment obligations of the Natural Gas Distribution Companies”.

The areas of the authorisation are:


1. All of the design and planning of the natural gas distribution network.

2. The construction, NDT control, testing and commissioning of the natural gas steel and PE pipelines.

3. The design, construction, testing and commissioning of A and B type Reducing and Metering Stations.

4. The production and control standards of base map, expro¬priation, infrastructure information systems and

GIS applications.

5. Service line and service regulator installations.

6. Cathodic protection and SCADA applications.


Power plants in Turkey with our 35 years of experience in energy history, substations and transmission lines to life in the most efficient projects, we continue to be a reliable partner in the renewable energy production.

The topics of our ongoing services as ELTEMTEK A.Ş are as follows:

R&D and Project Support Office

Information Technologies

Distribution Services

Transmission Services

Mapping and Environment Services

Corporate Consultancy Services

Training Services

ELTEMTEK is one of Turkey’s leading engineering, project management and consultancy companies with services in the energy industry. Believing that sustainable success and strategies require leadership and uniqueness, ELTEMTEK sturdily strides towards its goals with experience, quality and an innovative approach.


In his statement on the subject, ELTEMTEK General Manager Şerif OKLUOĞLU said:

“We continue to implement many projects in order to contribute to the sector on natural gas. We are happy to achieve another goal with this decision of EMRA. We will continue to contribute to the natural gas sector with our knowledge and support of my expert colleagues. I wish the decision to be beneficial to the ELTEMTEK family and the Natural Gas sector.”

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