Company Overview

Company Overview

ELTEM-TEK is one of the leading Turkish companies providing engineering, project management and consultancy services in the energy sector. Through its shareholding structure 47% of which belongs to public ownership while 26% of its capital is owned by foreign capital and the remaining shares are distributed between leading Turkish private energy companies, our company, ELTEM-TEK, has a cosmopolit nature. This structure places ELTEM-TEK in a different and distinguished position in the sector. Such that, ELTEM-TEK has the solemnity and credibility of a public institution whose aim is common good and country development, the universal experience and goals of a foreign company having international success with its almost one century of history and the agile and customer-oriented structure as well as enterprising spirit of the private sector. A unique blend of all these distinctive features has allowed us to achieve extraordinary and sustainable success in our all undertakings and projects.

Keeping abreast of the latest technological innovations on its area of activity in the world, ELTEM-TEK has been a locomotive force in the introduction of the latest methods in our country not least thanks to its hardwares and softwares as well as its personnel training.

Features that make us Superior

- Global access, solid local knowledge, innovation and a zeal towards development allow us to reach a technical perfection in our work with customers.
- We are a reliable companion who provides an assistance service package and technical knowledge at every stage of a project.
- We are in a leading and respectable position in the sector thanks to our superior reliability, professionalism, expertise and experience.
- We comply with high standards concerning workforce safety and health, environmental protection.
- We are firmly resolved to develop valuable projects that are in full harmony with the goals set.
- We possess the necessary operation, maintenance and management base to realize in full entire projects.
- We work continuously with perfection and improvement in mind. We maintain our success record in the sector thanks to the involvement in all work processes of the most talented and highly skilled experts in the field.
- We have an extensive expertise in providing engineering services. In realizing our projects we work in cooperation with scientists, scholars, environment consultants and professionals renowned for their mastery in their expertise areas.
- Placing a strategy of integrity, knowledge, skill and experience in the foreground, we ensure customer's loyalty.
- We strictly comply with timetables and deadlines set for the most difficult projects and successfully realize them.
- We have the reliability, experience and connection necessary for the speeding-up of the processes.
- We are solution-focused. We work out particular and innovative solutions in the critical situations.
- We are in a leading position in using integrated technologies and software in order to maximize productivity.
- We have an extensive technical expertise and an unmatched nation-wide experience.
- We adhere to working and labour principles. Our personnel act in full accordance with these principles and support the social values of our organization. Honesty, transparency and teamwork are of utmost and key importance in our company.


Our strategy followed in achieving our business targets and basic goals is composed of five key elements: To ensure a strong and controlled growth. To make use of scale economy (lowers costs, increase performance). To be perfection-focused in each project. To make a comprehensive analysis of such factors as economic and demographic developments, demand for energy, political conditions and regulation measures before making any investment.


To maintain our leading positions in the sector in the field of potential energy resource evaluation as well. To be an environment-friendly company that has achieved world-wide standards. To play an active role as an appropriate solution partner in the adoption of energy-related decisions. To achieve worldwide successes.


Our main purpose is to deliver goods and services through a unique blend of internationally-renowned expertise, solid local knowledge, professionalism and disciplines integrated into our projects and to increase life standards in our country. Towards this goal we work with devotion and continue to be attached to our responsibility and obligations to produce values for our customers, personnel and shareholders. In order to achieve this goal, we create a satisfied customer base, develop long-term strategies ensuring business success and focus on innovation, development and professional perfection.

Our Values

We are aware that a key to success is to remain firmly devoted to basic values and principles. That is why we sincerely internalize the basic values of professional business life and the society we work for and create all our working principles by integrating them with universal values.


OUR Customers

he strength of a project is enhanced if there is a stimulation and boost emanating from comprehension of certain goals. What brings together our customers and ELTEM-TEK experts is our aim to utilize innovative technologies and to provide a clean and more productive energy. Our customer base consists of first-class local and foreign companies as diverse as ELTEM-TEK's shareholders. To understand our customers' needs facilitates providing continuous high quality services. This, in turn, ensures our national prosperity to be increased and our people to access to a continuous and reliable energy. Because there is a positive correlation between electricity consumption and the well-being and development levels of societies. The benefits of society and country is the most important motivating constituent element behind the decision to establish ELTEM-TEK. For us, being customer-focused means to us social responsibility. Innovative customer solutions, productive operations, continuous improvement, minimum bureaucracy and agility increases our and consequently our customers' competitiveness. We believe making our customers successful is bound to lead us to our own success. To this end, we defined as our utmost priorities:

- To keep customers' satisfaction at the highest level,

- To develop solutions tailored especially to customer needs, value

-creating, innovative, efficient and optimal solutions.

- To meet difficulties, challenges and opportunities by being sensitive to customers' preferences.

- To work towards customers' success.

Our personnel

As ELTEM-TEK family, we realize that perfect results in our undertakings can be achieved through a teamwork of technical and administrative personnel possessing all superior qualifications. Our personnel who wholeheartedly embraced and celebrated ELTEM-TEK's principles and goals acts in full grasp and awareness of them to achieve the goals defined. ELTEM-TEK's personnel is a valuable constituent element of a whole. They are motivated to receive training and develop themselves as a requirement of a continuous development model. Knowledge as a key element behind ELTEM-TEK's advancement and success is generously shared and all personnel comply with the confidentiality principle. They keep abreast of technological innovations, apply them to their work. ELTEM-TEK's personnel and managers, who blend their academic background and corporate culture with wisdom-based experience play a crucial role in our company's success.

Our suppliers

As the case in every business and process, suppliers are determined through a scrutinous procedure. ELTEM-TEK cooperates with companies which are capable of delivering goods and services of quality standards embraced by ELTEM-TEK. The key criteria in choosing suppliers are reliability, respectability, experience and efficiency. We set a goal of developing long-term relations with our suppliers in order to create permanent values and assets for both parties. Besides ensuring our customers, suppliers and our company gain time advantage, this practice allows us to eliminate risks and lower costs.